When I am working with resin in the studio, my favorite days are the ones where I am not in control of where the art is taking me. I wanted to work on a black and white piece on wood, about five or six feet by maybe 16″. I fist layed out the black resin across the bottom and did not quite have enough white to fill in the negative space. Right away I could see there was not enough pigment in the white because I could see the blue of the stained wood coming through so I added more to the next batch. When I poured out the new white it gave me a sudden sky with clouds. I could not have created a more perfect blue sky background if I had every color form Just Resin! The thinner new batch of resin poured over the black that had begun to set. Everything came together, the different viscosity, the unintended underpainting, the translucent white dancing with the bright white.. Anyway, this was the start of five or six landscapes for me. No matter what I thought I was going for, landscape is what came out. To have this happen is a thrill. To have a thrill when ever I want is why I am hooked on this medium.

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