I was born to a family of artists and spent my early twenties immersed in small-scale metal art while pursuing a career as a pastry chef. In my thirties I was able to dive into some remodeling for my home and business taking the opportunity to change every inch of space and transform it to my own expression. Exercising unconstrained creativity is my happy place, which brought me, eventually, to woodworking, which is how I was introduced to epoxy.

I have since immersed myself in exploring resin as an art medium. Unlike other art forms, one must let go of control or at times, fight for it. You can work on a piece only until the cure starts to take hold and then wait longingly for another coat to be added. Any time you add color and heat to move the pigments around a coat of resin will have to be added to level the piece. The results give a depth of color and movement that is simply as delightful to create as it is to look at. I love to work with it and also to teach others how to use it.

I also own a Portland table making company: Splendid Tables where resin often finds its way into my work. 

I have been dubbed the Resin Queen at the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers where I am an active member.