“Alison Reyes will not hold back, but instead gift you with the fullness of her knowledge! Her ability to creatively think and implement on her toes is always impressive. Her warmth, sassyness and humor will seal the day in excellence. What a gift to bring a vision to resin ance! Seriously her work could not be more beautiful.”
~Sonja Pearson
“My 16 year old son and I had a great time in Alison's class! We were able to make things that looked great in a short amount of time with no prior resin experience. Yummy colors, crazy sense of depth. Both of us were very glad we came to play!”
Heidi McNamee
“Relaxed, small, and very fun class! Alison is a great teacher and really gives you freedom and encourages success (and mistakes!). She gives you all the tools you need and you get to make beautiful art to take home. I’ll be back!”
“Alison is a great teacher! She is very knowledgeable and patient with newbies. Definitely got me over my "fear" of resin. Highly recommend a class with her.”
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